Health & Safety

For your health and safety, and for the safety of the local community, we have incorporated the following Health and Safety Germany Standards in relation to COVID-19 Regulations. If you have any queries regarding these Regulations, please call us on +49 152 38723572

Maintaining a Safe Environment for Our Clients & Therapists

In addition to the high standards of hygiene already practiced at our salon we have implemented additional sanitisation and social distancing measures to protect the health and safety of clients and staff during this time of COVID-19. This includes:

  • Ensuring hand sanitiser is provided for all clients and staff.
  • Ensuring therapists thoroughly wash hands before, during and post treatment.
  • Being vigilant with hygiene standards ensuring all surfaces such as benches, floors, machines and product are cleaned with a high-grade disinfectant regularly during the day and between clients.
  • Ensuring all towels are newly laundered and fresh between each client.
  • Following an end of day checklist to ensure all areas have been cleaned and sanitised ready for the following day’s trade.
  • Using disposable paper towel at all bathroom vanities and in the treatment room.
  • Ensuring social distancing requirements are adhered to and limiting the number of people in spa.
  • Clients can request their therapist wear a mask and/or gloves.
  • Clients can request a mask and/or gloves for themselves.
  • A protective face mask must be worn at all times upon entry and throughout your treatment in accordance with Queensland Legislation.

Our salon has implemented strict hygiene practices to ensure the safety of our theraposts and customers. This includes:

  • Limiting the number of people at our location and adhering to social distancing rules of 1.5m between customers.
  • Ensuring stringent hygiene measures are in place for staff and customers.
  • A protective face mask must be worn in accordance with current Brisbane Regulations at all times upon entry and throughout your treatment at our location.

We believe it is important to provide this information to ensure our clients feel comfortable visiting us and can focus on restoration during their treatment. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these regulations to help us stop the spread of the virus.

COVID-19 Vaccination & Massage Treatment

The Association of Massage Therapists (AMT) has advised that massage treatments should not be performed within three days of receiving a COVID vaccination. As such please ensure you allow at least 3 days from the time of receiving your COVID vaccination before your treatment booking. Should you need to rebook your appointment please contact us for assistance.