Our Policies

By attending a session of any kind, including attending the Jt Beauty Massage & Spa premises, you agree to adhere to our terms of service. These terms are to ensure your health, safety and comfort at all times.

Arrival time: Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your treatment beginning to allow time for you to change and unwind. Arriving late will reduce treatment time and may cause delays for other guests.

Reservations: To ensure your preferred time and service is available we recommend booking in advance.

Consultation: Before your treatment your therapist will complete a quick medical check with you to discuss your needs, likes and dislikes, and note any areas of stress or discomfort. They will then adapt the treatment to suit your personal requirements. Our goal is to completely nurture you. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, too hot or too cold, would prefer a lighter, or stronger treatment, please let the therapist know.

Privacy: All personal information shared with Jt Beauty Massage & Spa will remain private and confidential.